This was for a high schooler who loved tennis and making movies. All fondant with royal icing piped tennis racket.

Another gorgeous Stephanotis cake! These cakes take about 600 tiny handmade stephanotis flowers. My very sweet husband helped me out with these and ended up making more of them than I did! What a good man!

Staggared. This was a fun one to challenge myself on. It took lots of wooden dowel supports in the right places and one big dowel all the way down the middle. Sixty handmade sugar paste flowers painted with luster dust topped it off.

This beauty came right out of Martha Stewart wedding cakes, but we eliminated a tier. Tons of piping in white royal icing on ivory fondant and buttercream added a very elegant touch. It took hours of just piping, but it was such a pretty outcome, it was all worth it! I love their table decor. That can make a big difference!