Orange Dreamsicle cupcakes for a fund raiser at Home Depot.

I'm loving this vintage cake. It's a sugar mold on the bottom tier that hangs off the bottom of the cake. I bought it online at Elegant Lace Molds, and they have super awesome customer service. I think they're in Oregon, and i received my package the day after I ordered it!

Handmade sugar paste flowers I made for a wedding cake. They are time consuming, but so much fun to make!

This was for a high schooler who loved tennis and making movies. All fondant with royal icing piped tennis racket.

Another gorgeous Stephanotis cake! These cakes take about 600 tiny handmade stephanotis flowers. My very sweet husband helped me out with these and ended up making more of them than I did! What a good man!

Staggared. This was a fun one to challenge myself on. It took lots of wooden dowel supports in the right places and one big dowel all the way down the middle. Sixty handmade sugar paste flowers painted with luster dust topped it off.

This beauty came right out of Martha Stewart wedding cakes, but we eliminated a tier. Tons of piping in white royal icing on ivory fondant and buttercream added a very elegant touch. It took hours of just piping, but it was such a pretty outcome, it was all worth it! I love their table decor. That can make a big difference!

This bride and groom were so cute together! He wrote a song about them and these are the lyrics written on the tier. It was darling!

"Present Cake" quickly becoming one of our most popular birthday cakes! You'll see more of these in coming posts.

Go Logan High Football!

Elder Ballam came home from a successful two year LDS mission. One of his favorite things to receive in a package was Oreo's from his mom! I love personalizing!

Damask wedding cake, simple and elegant.

This was a very fun cake to make! The client had a lot to do with the design. It was for a surprise 40th birthday bash for her husband! Even the signs are personalized! The fondant is marbelized & the vultures are piped onto sugar paste.

Breast Cancer Awareness!

Had a request for a beach themed cake and asked if flip flops would be good. I've wanted to make flip flops for a while!

If you've met my dad, you know he's pretty much the happiest, nicest and most sincere guy on the planet. He dutifully carries the nick-name: Guy Smiley. He's amazing. I made this B-29 for him because he's restoring a B-29 at Hill Aerospace Museum. He LOVES planes! He's so nice, in fact, that he didn't even say anything when I put the wings on backwards so the engines were the wrong way. He even snapped a few pictures before I figured it out and flipped them! Oopsie! If you read close, it says "Best Dad Ever!"

Jim, the owner of Cache Valley Electric turned 60 recently and we were lucky enough to make him a treat! We put together a cake with all his faves in it. It was a ton of fun to incorporate so many different things. It looked like quite a party too!

Citrus Delight flavored 3 tier cake with sugared orange peels and shaved coconut. Casey McFarland took our gorgeous pictures. Check him out @

5 tiered beauty with huge fondant bows and a big pretty rose. This was at Old Rock Church in Providence, always a nice setting!

This baby is one of my newest faves. Vintage Hollywood Glam at it's best, complete with sugar paste pearls, huge sugar paste cream rose with painted gold edges and surrounded by bird-cage lace. Love the baby pink on the middle tier and the black bottom, it's quilted but you can't see it from this picture. Even the uneven lined and dotted top tier adds depth.

Apple Walnut Cupcakes, fitting decor, don't you think?

The money. Cotton Candy Cupcakes with cotton candy flavored swirled buttercream & real cotton candy!